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Module Manager Update, now on Google Code!

January 31st, 2010

I recently updated Module Manager (first post) to support nested modules and renamed the .modman definitions file to simply modman for easier editing in IDEs. To top it off I am officially releasing it to the public under the Apache License 2.0 so that you may start using it in your own projects.

Additionally, Module Manager now has it’s own home on Google Code so check it out! (pun intended)

Here is an example of the new nested modules feature:

# My template files
skin               skin/frontend/my/default
design             app/design/frontend/my/default

# Import Colin_HotDealz module
@import            modules/Colin_HotDealz

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Setup an SVN repo on a school server

September 17th, 2008

I like Subversion, and think it is useful for the various group projects I’ve done at the University of Tennessee in the EECS department. I figured some other students on a unix-based network with limited privileges might also, and could use a quick tutorial for setting up Subversion on one member’s user account in such a way that is secure, doesn’t require labstaff adding any groups, and is still easy for fellow classmates to access while maintaining user identity in the Subversion logs. The only downside is one user has to be the host, so everyone run quota and the sucker with the most free space gets to host the repository… :(

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