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View and Filter Orders Grid with Product SKU

March 3rd, 2012

One of the most bewildering missing features I have come across in Magento is the inability to look up orders by ordered products. There are occasions where this feature is sorely needed. For example, you may discover a product needs to be recalled and need a list of every order in the past month containing that product. I discovered I wasn’t the only soul begging for this feature. There is one solution posted which worked but had a few problems. To be precise, it breaks the pager, it replaces a core file and filtering doesn’t work. So, I’ve fixed the major problems and packaged and released it as a free module on github!

This module adds a column to the orders grid which displays either the product name and ordered quantities or the product SKU and ordered quantities which is configurable under Sales > Orders Grid Products Column. The one not selected to be displayed will be added to the title attribute so it can be seen with a mouse hover. The column is filterable by either the product name or SKU depending on the configuration.


Magento, Programming