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Hiding “Out of Stock” items in Layered Navigation

July 14th, 2009

Updated 9/28/09

See the latest post in this series: Yet Another “Hiding Out-Of-Stock Products” Update, for an update that fixes advanced search, tags, up-sells, cross-sells, etc..

Updated 7/23/09

Updated once again to add support for filtering search results. (Added CatalogSearch/Model/Layer.php, moved Model/Layer.php to Catalog/Model/Layer.php, updated config.xml)

My previous post about “Hiding Out of Stock Items in Magento” had one pretty major downfall, in that it did not handle the product counts in the layered navigation. In response to a forum post regarding this I looked into fixing my original solution and have come up with a more concise and complete approach which I present now as a replacement to my original InStockOnly module.

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