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DAMit Version 2

November 18th, 2008

While working at Seelab at The University of Tennessee in 2006 one of my first tasks was to rename every function in what is now the Visualization CookBook, but was previously another name. We developed a simple Document for API Modification and called it the DAM document. I then wrote a Perl script to apply the DAM document to user’s source code to ease the pains of a major API modification and we named it “DAMit”. Yes, we too thought it was funny.

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Ajax.DoubleCombo update

November 11th, 2008

Due to a recent request about my Ajax.DoubleCombo class, I have updated it to support automatic updates trickling down when the server returns a “selected” value or the default value is non-void. In the process, I added some Prototype 1.6 custom events, namely doubleCombo:update and doubleCombo:clearSlaves which in turn added support for what I will call “branching”. That is, support for multiple slave selects at each level. I don’t know if anyone has a use for this but it is now supported…

Here is the page with the code, docs and demo: Ajax.DoubleCombo

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